Bōshurikenjutsu, Gogyō no Kata, Kosshi Kihon Sanpō & Shinken Gata Taihenjutsu December 3rd

Mutō Dori Gata

Class began with bōshurikenjutsu practice, working at striking the target powerfully at various set distances and correct te no uchi. As usual when there’s a small class with students on holidays etc., we covered student requests, namely Gogyō no Kata, Kosshi Kihon Sanpō and Shinken Gata Taihenjutsu.

First we examined Gogyō no Kata, looking at key details and how each movement relates to each other. Next we examined Kosshi Kihon Sanpō, in particular focusing on the structural effect of each strike and how it sets up the next movement sequentially. Lastly we practiced the Shinken Gata Taihenjutsu, examining the correct use of angling and position to evade the attack before setting up the next movement. In order to get the correct feeling of mushin Aite freely cut in with various attacks at full speed, first with a bokutō and then with a mogitō.

Move. Stop. Think.