Torite Kihon Gohō, Torite Kihon Dori no Kata & Omote/Ura Take Ori December 5th

高松先生 – 竹折

Class began with bōshurikenjutsu practice, again working at various set distances and getting the right feel for the release. Continuing from training earlier this week, class was based on requests. We covered technique 1-3 of the Torite Kihon Gohō (Omote Gyaku, Omote Gyaku Ken Sabaki & Ura Gyaku) and their associated kyūsho, ukemi and positioning, as well as examining their associated restraint positions from the Torite Kihon Dori no Kata of the Chi Ryaku No Maki.

After a quick break we looked over Take Ori, both omote and ura versions, focusing on the particular hand placement, structure and kamae that makes the gyaku work effectively and its use in various kata.

First form, then speed, then power.