Kukishin Ryū Bikenjutsu with Luke Molitor – April 2014

Bujinkan Dublin Seminar April 2014
Luke Molitor with Someya Sensei in the Bujinkan Honbu Dōjō.

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The Bujinkan Shugyō Dōjō will host Luke Molitor for a three day seminar in April 2014.  Luke is a former Japan resident and Dōjō Chō of the Bujinkan Jigoku Dōjō in Dallas, Texas, and is well known for his extensive knowledge of the Bujinkan Ryūha and weapon systems.
He is particularly well regarded in the United States for his seminars on authentic Bujinkan Ryūha swordwork, and he has been specifically tasked by Hatsumi Sōke and Someya Sensei to teach correct Bujinkan sword abroad.
This is the first seminar Luke has taught in Europe and is the first in a number of seminars planned. It is set to be an excellent opportunity for those interested in refining their understanding of Bujinkan swordwork and Kukishin Ryū Bikenjutsu in particular.
This seminar will encompass beginning techniques of etiquette, postures, movement, proper cutting, mindset, basic forms, and cutting practice – with the primary focus of the seminar being on the mechanics of cutting correctly, and specific drills to instil the correct feeling of the Kukishin ryū sword methods. With this groundwork the kata and sayugyaku of Kukishin Ryū will be examined in depth.
Please bring a bokken with plastic saya, padded shinai and blunt metal drawing sword – No live weapons please.
Dates & Scheduele
25th Friday 7pm – 10pm Bujinkan Battōjutsu
26th Saturday 12am – 7pm Kenjutsu Kihon & Kukishin Ryū Bikenjutsu
27th Sunday 1pm – 7pm Kenjutsu Kihon & Kukishin Ryū Bikenjutsu
Main Hall.
Taney Parish Centre,
€20 for the Friday Night class, €60 for Saturday Session and €50 for Sunday Session.
€100 for Saturday and Sunday  for those who place €50 deposit before April, €110 on the door. Friday session is free for those attending Saturday and Sunday.
Deposit payment is via Paypal (email for more details) or can be done so at one of my classes. The event is €50 for instructors who bring 5 or more students attending both Saturday and Sunday, and who book in advance.
If you are travelling from overseas and need help booking accommodation please contact the organizer via the contact form below or Facebook.
About Luke
Luke Molitor lived and studied in Japan for a number of years and continues to return to Japan several times a year to study and train with Dr. Hatsumi and his senior Japanese teachers. He is a dedicated student of Hiroshi Nagase Sensei, Kenichi Someya Sensei, and Toshiro Nagato Sensei.
Luke has also taught, trained, and competed in a number of martial systems – Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Southeast Asian, and European, achieving ranks in several arts, including Brazilian style jujutsu, mixed-martial arts, kickboxing, fencing, and Western Combatives.
His credentials also include instructor certification in numerous combat and defensive tactics programs such as use of force, chemical sprays, military & police ground tactics, collapsible batons, tactical handgun & shotgun, and several others. He has undergone extensive training in executive protection concepts and received credentials as a certified Executive Protection Specialist (EPS). Since that time he has been employed as both an agent and team leader in various capacities.
Additionally, he holds degrees in health, anatomy, science, history, and Japanese studies, and a doctorate in chiropractic medicine. He is board certified in integrative medicine, chiropractic medicine, and acupuncture and oriental medicine, and is currently the medical director of a clinic specializing in sports/physical medicine & rehabilitation and integrative medicine.
For More information on Dr. Molitor and the Jigoku Dojo please go to http://jigokudojo.org/
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