Bōshurikenjutsu, Omote Gyaku, Shihaku & Kasugai

Martial Arts Dublin
初見先生 – 剣術

Class began with bōshurikenjutsu, followed by taijutsu drills to emphasize correct tai sabaki, practicing ukemi out of Omote Gyaku and tenkai practice. We continued with Shihaku from Kotō Ryū, looking at the main form and several associated henka, exploring concepts of kyojitsu tankan ho and shizen gyō un ryūsui (both of which are nicely elucidated by Don Roley here and here).

After a quick break we revised the main form of Kasugai from the Kukishin Ryū Bikenjutsu kata, along with the second sayugyaku, trying to synchronize the correct timing and projecting the right intention with one’s own movement.

Classes are concluded until January 7th. In preparation for the seminar in April 2014, the month of March 2014 or so we will be spending two thirds of the class on sword, recapping sword fundamentals, Kukishin Ryū Bikenjutsu, Togakure Ryū Ninja Biken and Bujinkan Battōjutsu.