Ganseki Nage, Kyogi, Kakkō & Kochōgaeshi

初見先生 – 巌石投

Class began with ashi sabaki and kamae exercises leading into Chi no Kata, bōshurikenjutsu and teppan nage, keri waza, atemi no tanren, tenkai and zenpō kaiten from Ura Gyaku. After this we examined Ganseki Nage, in particular responding from counters to the movement.

After a quick break we recapped Kyogi and Kakkō from Kotō Ryū, emphasising the correct ashi sabaki, ma-ai and kurai dori with Jodan Uke before setting up the attack. For the sword segment of training we moved onto Kochōgaeshi, looking at creating the right timing and distancing, as well as targeting in the main form and sayugyaku.

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