Uranami, Tenchi, Kochōgaeshi & Shihō Giri

初見先生 – 霞之構

Training began with ashi sabaki tanren and Gogyō practice, before moving onto shurikenjutsu, keri waza and atemi no tanren. After this we examined tenkai and oten, before recapping kohō kaiten from musha dori.

For the taijutsu section we revised Uranami and Tenchi from the Kotō Ryū, before looking at the formal henka and focusing on the correct intention and targeting for both. After this we revised Kochōgaeshi and its Sayugyaku, emphasizing the timing of Aite and Tori’s movements, before moving onto the main version of Shihō Giri.

“In a real fight, timing is the most important thing.” – Hatsumi Soke