Musha Dori, Katamaki & Shihō Giri

Martial Arts Classes Dublin
高松先生 – 武者捕

Training began with ashi sabaki drills and practice of Sui no Kata, followed by shurikenjutsu, keri and atemi no tanren practice. After practicing tenkai and oten, we revised musha dori, in particular the correct distancing for the gyaku and kohō kaiten.

After this we moved onto the final kata from the Shoden of Kotō Ryū, Katamaki. After examining the main form and its relationship with the kihon of musha dori, we proceeded to its formal henka. Lastly we went over the main form of Shihō Giri along with its Sayugyaku variations, looking at the various physiological effects of the sequence of cuts.

“Koppōjutsu serves as the basis for Ninjutsu, so it is very important you understand it.”