Musha Dori, Katamaki, Shihō Giri & Happō Giri

Bujinkan Dublin Dojo
初見先生 – 八法秘剣術

Class began with kamae no tanren, shurikenjutsu, before kicking and striking practice and conditioning. After drilling the groundwork for some of the advanced ukemi, we recapped the correct alignment of the gyaku in musha dori, and timing and structure of the kaiten out of the lock.

Following on from this we revised Katamaki and its henka again, looking at the suitable differences from the kihon of musha dori. Finally we recapped Shihō Giri along with its Sayugyaku variations, examining the various effects of the cutting actions, before starting into the main version of Happō Giri.

“Everything is basics.” – Hatsumi Sensei