Torite Kihon Gohō, Hida, Shihō Giri & Happō Giri

Kenjutsu Dublin
初見先生 – 下段の構え

Training began with kamae no tanren, shurikenjutsu, before kicking and striking practice and conditioning. After this we moved onto Oten, followed by Musha Dori and Ganseki Nage.

Following on from this we moved into the chūden of Kotō Ryū, examining several ways of practicing the first kata Hida. After this we recapped Shihō Giri, as well as the main kata and sayugyaku of Happō Giri, focusing on the correct intention and spirit when performing the kata.

“Remember that for every technique you think you can fall back on, there is a counter for it, or there are times when it cannot be used. When real battle comes, you must remember that some things will not be applicable. Don’t think that any one technique is quintessential.” – Hatsumi Sensei