Ganseki Nage, Hicho & Tsuki No Wa

Kenjutsu Training Dublin
初見先生 – 剣術

Training began with an extended Bo-shurikenjutsu section, examining throwing at various distances, targets and in various conditions. Following on from this we spent some time working on tenkai and oten, before continuing with the kotsu and ukemi of Ganseki Nage. After this continued onto Hicho from the Chūden Gata of Kotō Ryū, emphasizing the correct intention and mechanics of the initial strike.

After a quick break we moved onto Tsuki No Wa, examining the particulars of the timing, intention and rhythm in the main form and the sayugyaku.

“From now on you must strive to cut out unnecessary movement. Waste in movement is wrong and will get you killed.” – Hatsumi Sensei