Ganseki Nage, Take Ori, Hitō & Tsuki No Wa

Dublin Ninjutsu
初見先生 – 甲冑剣法

Training began with teppan nage and boshurikenjutsu, keri waza, atemi no tanren before moving onto tenkai, oten and Ganseki Nage. We also examined Ura and Omote take ori, looking at the various key elements that makes the gyaku effective.

We continued onto Hitō, both the main version and some hiden that is part of the original kata. Following this we recapped Tsuki No Wa, both its main version and sayugyaku, focusing on correct timing and tai sabaki in the kata, thus completing our first run through of Kukishin sword this year.

“”It is important to practice so your movement is the minimum necessary to complete its task.” – Hatsumi Sensei