Shurikenjutsu, Omote Gyaku & Henka, Kappi & Battōjutsu

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初見先生 – 抜刀術

Training began with an extended session on teppan nage and boshurikenjutsu, examining the various stages of release of the boshuriken on multiple level targes, and correct projection of senban. Following this we continued our study of tenkai, looking in particular at correct alignment. After this we examined omote gyaku from te hodoki, before examining how to flow into gyaku nage, oni kudaki and uchi mata from that initial starting point, along with their connection to omote gyaku.

After this we moved onto Kappi, looking at several starts for the same technique, and achieving correct kurai dori with the final leap. For the final section of the class we looked at the development history of Japanese swords as well as that of sword drawing, and its relationship to Bujinkan. After this we begun with simple waza examining correctly deploying the sword, which lead into Iai Maai from Togakure Ryū Biken before concluding with suwari waza.

“Everything is basics.” – Hatsumi Sensei