Omote Gyaku, Ganseki Nage, Monpi & Battōjutsu

Martial Arts Dundrum
高松先生 – 秘剣術

Training began with ashi sabaki training, shurikenjutsu, keri, atemi no tanren, ukemi taihenjutsu before an in-depth examination of omote gyaku and ganseki nage from the torite kihon gohō.

Following on from this we continued onto the kata Monpi, examining the correct grip and position of the supporting leg, as well as proper kuzushi. For the weapon section of the class we looked at some waza from a basic drawing position, and multiple ways of cutting, before looking at sword drawing in yukichigai and suwari waza.

“I mentioned before about the importance of Kihon Happo. Without them, you cannot understand the Happo Biken, and you cannot understand the sword.” – Hatsumi Sensei