Musō Dori, Gohi & Battōjutsu

Martial Arts in Dublin
高松先生 – 三指端拳

Training began with shurikenjutsu, followed by keri, atemi no tanren, tenkai, followed by a detailed examination of zenpō kaiten leading into taking ukemi from musō dori. Following this we moved onto Gohi from the Chūden Gata of Kotō Ryū Koppōjutsu, looking at the main form as well as henka using sanshitanken.

In the buki section of the class we continued with battōjutsu, examining two basic forms, focusing on chiburi and nōtō, before moving onto drawing horizontally with various ashi sabaki.

“From now on you must strive to cut out unnecessary movement. Waste in movement is wrong and will get you killed.” –  Hatsumi Sensei