Musō dori, Ganseki nage, Ura gyaku, Hehhi & Battōjutsu

Bujinkan Dublin Ireland
高松先生 – 蝦蛄拳

Class began with shurikenjutsu and teppan nage, followed by keri and keri kaeshi practice, before atemi no tanren, tenkai drilling and taking ukemi from musō dori, ganseki nage and ura gyaku. After this we reviewed Hehhi, examining the basic kata and particulars of strikes involved, as well as applications from yukichigai, kumiuchi and so on.

After this we reviewed the component parts of basic battōjutsu, from the kamae and ashi-sabaki, to the te no uchi and zanshin. After this we concluded with another waza, drawing to cut gyaku kesa giri while keeping good kurai dori.

“Women, especially, must learn kenpō extremely well. For if they don’t, in a real fight, they will hesitate and ball up, and not lash out with their true power.”-  Hatsumi Sensei