Ganseki Nage, Tekigaeshi, Kōtō, Kakuhi & Battōjutsu

Bujinkan Ireland
初見先生 – 痛投

Training began with shurikenjutsu and teppan nage, focusing on the correct use of the shoulder and elbow in both, before moving onto keri and keri kaeshi practice, atemi no tanren, tenkai and zenpō kaiten from Ganseki Nage. After this we moved onto Tekigaeshi, Kōtō and Kakuhi, the last three kata of the Kotō Ryū Chūden Gata, examining the structure, balance breaking and keypoint of each, as well as applications from various starts.

Following on from this we recapped the fundementals of battōjutsu, drilling the te and ashi sabaki, kotsu, cutting mechanics and intention/situational awareness. Finally we re-examined drawing to in a rising diagonal fashion, as well as examining further potential cuts.

“It’s very important that when you study martial arts you don’t be stupid about your training…it’s very important from now on that you realise that martial arts is something that you’re putting your life on the line for, otherwise your martial arts will only go half way and you will as well.” –  Hatsumi Sensei

Please note that in preparation of the seminar in April, for the month of March we’ll be reviewing sword kihon and all of Kukishin Ryū and Togakure Ryū sword material in depth. Please bring your bokutō and saya, wooden ninjatō and kodachi, as well as your notebooks to class, and be sure to practice at home.