Kiri Age, Kiri Sage, Tōsui No Kamae, Hassō No Kamae & Kasumi No Kamae

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初見先生 – 霞之構 

Training began with a review of basic ashi sabaki, both its origins and contemporaries in other Japanese Budō, and how it relates to the Kihon of taijutsu and kenjutsu. After this we continued with our practice of yoko nagare and mute zenpō kaiten from Seigan No Kamae, before looking at correct cutting mechanics integrating it into gaining proper ma-ai.

Following on from this we moved onto Kiri Age, Kiri Sage and Sayugyaku from Kukishin Ryū, examining the timing of the evasion, use of angles, as well as manipulating aite’s resistance to make the kata work properly. This lead onto the next three of the Togakure Ryū Kamae No Kata, Tōsui No Kamae, Hassō No Kamae and Kasumi No Kamae, looking at how the kamae changes the probability of likely attacks, use of ashi sabaki in the evasion and counter attack, as well as manipulating Aite’s structure (kotsu).

“Even when you are faced with certain death, die laughing.” – Toda Shinryuken Masamitsu Sensei