Kukishin Ryū Kiri Age & Kiri Sage, Togakure Ryū Tōsui No Kamae, Hassō No Kamae & Kasumi No Kamae

Bujinkan Dublin Dojo
初見先生 – 忍者刀

Training began with more work on basic ashi sabaki, before moving onto yoko nagare, ushiro kaiten and mute zenpō kaiten from Seigan No Kamae. Following on from this we continued with examining the correct structure from shomen giri, before integrating it into test cutting practice from a stationary position and then with a step to learn correct ma-ai with the target.

From here we reviewed the next section of the Kukishin Ryū Bikenjutsu, Kiri Age, Kiri Sage and their Sayugyaku. For Kiri Age we focused on the correct timing and mechanics of the movement, for Kiri Sage we worked on using Aite’s resistance and proper sabaki in the movement. We concluded with a review of Togakure Ryū Kamae No Kata, focusing on the distance and te sabaki of Tōsui No Kamae, the timing of Hassō No Kamae, and the ashi sabaki of Kasumi No Kamae.

“If you suddenly think you’ve got it, you don’t. That means you are probably creating your own style and falling back on that. Nothing is more frightening than someone who thinks they’ve got it, when they actually don’t. They’ll most probably be killed by that mistake.” – Hatsumi Sensei