Kasugai Dome, Kochō Gaeshi, Hiryu No Ken, Kasumi No Ken, Muso Ken no Kamae Ura Nami & Hichō No Ken

Ninjutsu Shurikenjutsu Ireland
初見先生 – 二刀術

Class began with basic ashi sabaki, working on moving through kamae safely and using correct foot placement. Following on from this we moved onto ukemi taihenjutsu from seigan no kamae, and the correct kotsu and ma-ai of shomen giri.

After this we moved onto Kasugai Dome, Kochō Gaeshi and Sayugyaku. First the meaning of the names were explained before examining the specific ashi sabaki and ma-ai that feature in each, the correct attack for Aite and the position of Tori’s final movement.

After this we continued onto the Togakure Ryū, practicing Hiryu No Ken, Kasumi No Ken and Muso Ken no Kamae Ura Nami. For Hiryu No Ken and Kasumi No Ken we examined the positioning and te sabaki of the maki age movement and ashi sabaki of the final cut, while for Muso Ken no Kamae Ura Nami the initial uke movement was examined, as well as the moguri gata transition.

Finally we reviewed Hichō No Ken of the Kukishin Ryū Kodachi Gata, linking its practice into the other kata we’d already covered.

“…teachers have bad habits, those bad habits can mean the difference between life and death for his students” – Hatsumi Sensei