Kasugai Dome, Hichō No Ken, Kochō Gaeshi, Hiryu No Ken, Kasumi No Ken & Muso Ken no Kamae Ura Nami

Bujinkan Dojo Ireland
初見先生 – 戸隠流八方秘剣

Class began with a detailed examination of kamae and basic ashi sabaki, looking at moving into kamae and moving through kamae correctly. Following on from this starting point we moved into Kukishin Ryū Bikenjutsu. First we examined the role of intention in kata training, before practising Kasugai Dome and Sayugyaku with this mindset. After this we segued into the kodachi kata Hichō No Ken, looking at the similarities in strategy, footwork and structure. From here we returned to Kochō Gaeshi and Sayugyaku, looking at the use of position and timing.

For the Togakure Ryū Bikenjutsu section we moved into the Happōbiken section, examining the exact mechanics of the maki age of Hiryu No Ken, the footwork of Kasumi No Ken, and the flow of Muso Ken no Kamae Ura Nami. Class concluded with test cutting practice, working on Shomen Giri, Kesa Giri, Dō Giri, Gyaku Kesa Giri.

“You are not just fighting one opponent. You are fighting the unknown.” – Hatsumi Sensei