Kihon, Tsuki No Wa, Katate Nuki & Kage No Ittō

Ninjutsu Training Dublin
初見先生 – 影之一刀

Class began with an extended section on basic ashi sabaki forms and patterns for evading in multiple directions. This lead into the study of the Uke Gata with katana, looking at the ashi sabaki to evade, the arms to form the block and the kotsu of the overall form. After this we examined Kihon waza using these patterns of ashi sabaki, such as Omote Gyaku and Musha Dori.

After a quick break we moved onto Tsuki No Wa, first examining the basic tsuki form before examining applying the technique to various timings, as well as the various targets in the  Sayugyaku waza. We then practiced Jūji Ken, looking at the angles of Tori’s evasion and the patterns of Aite’s attacks.

Lastly we concluded with a run through of Katate Nuki and Kage No Ittō from Togakure Ryū, looking at various contexts in which this forms are applied.

“Don’t overfocus on the sword when using it. Taijutsu is all around you; use it.” – Hatsumi Sensei