Ganseki Nage, Musha Dori, Damara, Shuriki & Uke Gata


Japanese Martial Arts Dublin
初見先生 – 武者捕


Training began with shurikenjutsu, followed by keri waza, atemi no tanren and ashi sabaki. Following from this we examined the kotsu of tenkai and zenpō kaiten. After this we examined Ganseki Nage and Musha Dori, focusing on the correct set up and alignment of each, as well as the proper ma-ai.

Following this we moved onto Damara and Shuriki, examining the initial evasion, use of atemi and angling of each, and their relationship to the kihon. Finally we reviewed basic battōjutsu and uke gata, specifically the ashi sabaki and te sabaki of chūdan uke nagashi.

“You can only understand if you’ve had the technique done to you. It’s like food. You can’t describe the taste, but if you’ve tasted it, you know what it is. You have to personally experience it to understand.” – Hatsumi Sensei