Omote Gyaku, Ganseki Nage, Kibō, Bakkō & Uke Gata

Bujinkan Karate Dublin
初見先生 – 蹴り

Training began shurikenjutsu, followed by keri waza, atemi no tanren and ashi sabaki, looking at various applications of yoko aruki and uke gata. Following on from this we reviewed some key points of Omote Gyaku, Omote Gyaku Ken Sabaki and Ganseki Nage, looking at the ashi sabaki and kotsu of each movement.

Following from this we moved on to the next two kata from the Hekitō Gata, Kibō and Bakkō. We began with the main form of each before progressing to the associated henka, focusing on the footwork and atemi of both, as well as the timing and intention.

Finally we concluded with a brief review of cutting and uke gata as covered over the weekend, focusing on mechanics of the uke and subsequent cut, as well as demonstrating the correct level of control.

“There are three kinds of Budōka: ones that try to look strong, ones that try to perfect their technique and ones that try to gain a good heart” – Hatsumi Sensei