Kibō, Bakko, Sekiryoku, Kahi & Kukishin Ryū Kenjutsu

Shuriken Dublin Dojo
初見先生 – 鉄盤投

Training began with teppan and bōshuriken nage, followed by keri tanren, atemi no tanren and ukemi taihenjutsu practice looking at tenkai,  zenpō and kohō kaiten.  Following this we spent some time reviewing the ashi sabaki of yoko aruki and various forms of zenpō sabaki.

After a quick break we reviewed the main forms and henka of the second half of the Hekitō Gata of Kotō Ryū, looking at the timing, entry, strikes, use of intention in each, and how the henka and main forms related. Following on from this we reviewed the kotsu of Kukishin Ryū style cutting, as well as Jōdan Uke Nagashi, practising both beginning and intermediate versions.

We have now concluded our study of the Hekitō Gata and now are moving into the Okuden Gata of Kotō Ryū for the next 12-16 weeks. We will be also comprehensively reviewing everything covered over the seminar in depth so please bring your notebooks, bokken and saya to every class.

“I made it that way so that people all over the world could be exposed to the art. There is no need for that anymore. The time has come to teach true Budō Taijutsu – fighting Budō Taijutsu.” – Hatsumi Sensei