Shurikenjutsu, Battōjutsu, Ninja Iai, Santō & Kotō

Martial Arts Dublin South
初見先生 – 攅倒

Class started with a long session of bō-shurikenjutsu,  focusing on the te no uchi of Jiki Dahō, starting from fixed distances as well as dynamic distances, before moving onto throwing with the right and left hand, throwing at multiple targets at different distances, targets at an elevation and targets from prone and other positions.

Following on from this we examined a vertical draw in the Battōjutsu section, focusing on the bio-mechanics to deploy the sword as quick as possible, before examining some various ryū kata. This built up to practice of Kage No Ittō from Togakure Ryū, focusing on the kaname of the technique that makes the draw possible.

Finally we reviewed the Kotō Ryū Okuden kata Santō (攅倒) and Kotō. For  Santō examining some of the concepts related to dealing with blades, use of the gyaku and atemi to control the opponent’s structure, before examining the kansetsu waza at the end found in the kata, as well as transitioning to other conclusions for use in Jissen.

“These teachings are not for everyone. Be wary of who you teach. Only teach those people that possess an open spirit and a good heart.” – Hatsumi Sensei