Omote Gyaku, Torite Kihon Dori No Kata, Kotō & Kage No Ittō

Ninpo Dublin
初見先生 – 左正眼之構

Class began with shurikenjutsu and teppan nage, before moving onto keri waza, atemi no tanren and ashi sabaki, focusing on applications of yoko aruki. After this we reviewed tenkai and omote gyaku, before reviewing several restraints, including those from the Torite Kihon Dori No Kata of the Chi Ryaku No Maki.

After this we moved onto Kotō from  Kotō Ryū Okuden, looking at the main form and numerous henka, focusing on the sequential use of atemi, distorting the opponent’s structure and taking position with zanshin at the end. 

Finally we concluded with the structure of the basic vertical sword draw, before working on the  te sabaki of Kage No Ittō.

“Don’t be timid in your training.”  – Hatsumi Sensei