Ura Gyaku, Torite Kihon Dori No Kata, Kotō & Ninja Iai

Ninjutsu Dublin
高松先生と初見先生 – 裏逆捕

Class began with shurikenjutsu, then keri waza, atemi no tanren, and ashi sabaki renshu. After this we examined Ura Gyaku, looking at the basic gyaku, the associated ukemi and ways in which the ukemi can be broken. This lead into restrictions from the Torite Kihon Dori No Kata of the Chi Ryaku No Maki for Ura Gyaku, looking at various ways to get leverage on the joint and correctly immobilize the opponent.

After this we recapped Kotō Ryū Okuden Gata,  looking at the main form and henka of Kotō, focusing on effecting Aite’s spine and learning the correct sequence of movement, in order to allow for effective variations that might be required. After this we reviewed some Togakure Ryū Ninja Iai, looking at combining the te sabaki and ashi sabaki of Kage No Ittō, before practising the full kata with an opponent.

“Remember that for every technique you think you can fall back on, there is a counter for it, or there are times when it cannot be used. When real battle comes, you must remember that some things will not be applicable. Don’t think that any one technique is quintessential.” – Hatsumi Sensei