Battōjutsu, Kukishin Ryū Bikenjutsu, Shime Waza Go Gata & Shinsen

Ninpo Dublin
初見先生 – 痛締

Class began with an extended session on Shurikenjutsu, looking at boshurikenjutsu and forms of Tōtoku Hyōshi from Kukishin and Togakure Ryū. Following on from this we reviewed vertical drawing  as done in Bujinkan Battōjutsu, before working on Kage No Ittō from Togakure Ryū. After this we moved onto the te no uchi, basic cutting and uke gata of Kukishin  Ryū, looking at the particulars of the knees, hips, spine and wrists in each movement.

For the taijutsu section we began with a review of the Shime Waza Go Gata from the Chi Ryaku No Maki, before reviewing the kihon of shime waza defences. With this basis we moved onto the main kata and henka of Shinsen from the Kotō Ryū Okuden Gata, examining the use of kyusho and kuzushi in each movement.

“It’s very important that when you study martial arts you don’t be stupid about your training…it’s very important from now on that you realise that martial arts is something that you’re putting your life on the line for, otherwise your martial arts will only go half way and you will as well.” – Hatsumi Sensei