Torite Kihon Gohō, Shinsen & Konpi

Ninpo Dublin
高松先生 – 表逆

Class began with a review of Torite Kihon Gohō, both their main forms and henka, focusing on the various forms of Ukemi Taihenjutsu that are associated with each form. The correct use of kotsu, kurai dori and hyoshi was looked at for both the movements of Tori and Aite, as well maintaining zanshin.

After this we reviewed the main form and henka of Shinsen, examining various times of shime waza used when attacking, and use of itami jime and atemi in order to break Aite’s attack and create an opening. Following on from this we briefly looked at the next kata in the Kotō Ryū Okuden, Konpi, in particular focusing on hyoshi.

“Many people have a misconception concerning ukemi. Don’t feel that ukemi is a ‘safe thing.’ Many times, it is a very dangerous thing. You may land on glass or on a twig and really hurt yourself. There have been times when people have done ukemi to save themselves, only to kill themselves in the process . You must be aware of your surroundings at all times, and be able to avoid objects when you do your ukemi.”  – Hatsumi Sensei