Kokū, Battōjutsu & Konpi

Ninjutsu Ireland
初見先生 – 天地陰陽之構

Class began with shurikenjutsu, before moving onto keri waza, focusing on Keri Kudaki from the Chi Ryaku No Maki. For the atemi and sabaki section of the class we did a review of  Kokū from Jō Ryaku no Maki of Gyokko Ryū, looking at the kamae, sabaki of the uke and atemi gata, as well as the kotsu of the keri kaeshi and final boshi ken. Following this we reviewed mute zenpō kaiten from several gyaku waza.

After a quick break we moved onto Battōjutsu, reviewing two kata in solo, then paired fashion and with various ma-ai. This lead to a review of the main form of Konpi before examining two henka, looking at the use atemi and hyōshi in the main form, and Shihō Tenchi Tobi and kurai dori in the two henka.

“Keep in mind it is better to gain a single victory using proper technique than to win ten times using wasted force”– Hatsumi Sensei