Kokū, Hichō No Kamae, Gogyō No Kata & Shosetsu

Bujinkan Dublin
初見先生 – 蹴り

Class began with shurikenjutsu, before an extended practice of Kokū from Jō Ryaku no Maki of Gyokko Ryū, examining its relationship to the kosshi kihon sanpō, its use of kotsu, ma-ai and ashi sabaki. After this we reviewed Hichō No Kamae from the Kihon Happō, looking at a number of technical points in solo practice, and key points when doing the kata in paired practice.

After a brief break we reviewed the Gogyō No Kata, examining their relationship to each other, and binding the ashi sabaki and te sabaki to perform the movement properly with good structure. Finally we concluded with Shosetsu from the Okuden of Kotō Ryū, both the main form and a number of variations, looking at the sequential use of atemi and not telegraphing intent.

“Budō is a lot like life. You make mistakes. You learn. You sweat. You cry. You grow. By training in Budō , you will come to be able to solve any of life’s dilemmas. The answer will just be there.” – Hatsumi Sensei