Gyaku Waza, Kenjutsu, Renyo & Sōsetsu

Japanese Martial Arts Dublin
高松先生 – 逆技

Training began with an extended session of bō-shurikenjutsu, before examining Omote and Ura Take Ori, along with two versions of katate nage. Following on from this we examined both Ura and Omote Oni Kudaki, looking at their connection to each other, as well as musha dori.

We reviewed basic cutting technique from Kukishin Ryū, from Jōdan and Hassō, vertically, horizontally, diagonally both descending and rising, focusing on correct te no uchi, hasuji and tai sabaki.

After this we built on our recent work on Kokū, moving onto the main form of Renyo. We focused on the correct steps involved, examining the ways of covering the various transitions, and control of Aite’s movement and options. Finally we concluded with Sōsetsu, looking at combining atemi and nage to attack the structure of the neck.

“There is no need to rush here. Practice very slowly to make sure you have everything correct.” – Hatsumi Sensei

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