Te Hodoki, Ukemi, Kenjutsu, Gogyō, Jōdan Uke & Sōtō

Bujinkan Dublin Ireland
高松先生 – 位取

Class began with bō shurikenjutsu and teppan nage, leading into a review of several versions of katate hodoki, before examining a number of ryote hodoki, using correct kotsu to distort and break Aite’s grasp. Following on from this we examined the basic cutting and blocking methods from Kukishin Ryū, focusing on the te no uchi in particular.

After a quick break we moved onto an alternative version of zenpō kaiten, and then a quick review of the Gogyō no kata  lead into the three basic methods of Jōdan Uke from the Kosshi Kihon Sanpō, which lead into some advanced variations and applications of that strategy.

Finally we reviewed Sōtō from the Okuden of Kotō Ryū, looking at the use of kyūsho to wear Aite down, and kikaku ken to prevent Aite from using ukemi taihenjutsu to escape.

“…the really important thing to realize in budō is that technique alone is worthless if the man loses his equilibrium, his inner balance. If a man does not have some other major strength, it does not matter how far he develops his technical skill – he will be beaten in the end.” – Hatsumi Sensei

***There will be extra training this weekend on the Kotō Ryū Kihon and Shoden Gata, please email for more details***

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