Oni Kudaki, Kenjutsu, Musō Dori, Danshu & Sōtō

Bujinkan Dojo Dublin
高松先生 – 締技

Training began with bō-shurikenjutsu, examining basic direct throws before moving onto throwing at multiple targets at various distances, as well as integrating taihenjutsu into shurikenjutsu. Following on from this we examined a number of ashi rau drills, before examining Ura and Omote Oni Kudaki, as well as integrating atemi into the gyaku.

Following on from this we examined the chief targets in Kenjutsu, both in kacchu kenpō and suhada kenpō, and the use of gyaku kesa giri to attack these points, along with the correct kotsu and te no uchi of that cut.

After this we examined the basic of Musō Dori, focusing on controlling the shoulder joint and hips, before moving to  ground restraints. Moving on from this we reviewed Danshu from Gyokko Ryū, focusing on the use of atemi to set up the Jigoku dori, along with various details of that final position. Lastly we conclude with Sōtō, both the main form and henka, looking at use of atemi to set up the sutemi nage.

“Never be a teacher. When you are a teacher, your budō dies. Always be a student and never think you are good.” – Hatsumi Sensei

***There will be extra training this weekend on the Kotō Ryū Kihon and Shoden Gata, please email for more details***

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