Uchi Waza, Nagare Dori, Tsukigake, Shishi Geki, Hichō Kaku, Hitotsukiaihō & Roppō

Martial Arts Dundrum
初見先生 – 型破の構

Class began with teppan nage and bō-shurikenjutsu, followed by a recap of the kamae and striking forms with hanbō, before continuing to the next two kata, Uchi Waza and Nagare Dori, focusing on the ma-ai of the first, and achieving a total body gyaku in the second. After this we reviewed basic cutting and thrusting in Kukishin kenjutsu, and then practising those forms in Tsukigake and Sayugyaku, focusing on the various timing and initiatives, power generation and targeting in each. This lead into Shishi Geki of the Kodachi kata, looking at the basic form, as well as using the body to cut out of the opponent.

After a two minute break we continued to the sōjutsu section of the class, working through the Aite and Tori roles in Hichō Kaku and Hitotsukiaihō, examining the strategy of both as illustrated in the narrative of the kata. Finally we moved onto Jōjutsu, looking at the kata Roppō, beginning with practising the ashi sabaki and challenging te sabaki of the Tori in the kata, before examining various ways Aite could respond to the flurry of attacks.

“Teachers have bad habits, those bad habits can mean the difference between life and death for his students” – Hatsumi Sensei

****Luke Molitor Seminar September 2014****

Kukishin Ryū Bikenjutsu, Bujinkan Battōjutsu & Swordwork Fundamentals

September 5th – 7th, Dundrum, Dublin

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