Hanbō, Kiri Age, Ittōsantō, Hassai & Kyūhō

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初見先生 – 小太刀術

Training started with teppan nage and bōshurikenjutu, before recapping Kasumi Gake and Iki Chigae, focusing on correct ashi sabaki and kotsu. From here we moved onto kenjutsu, reviewing gyaku kesa giri from hassō no kamae, before reviewing Kiri Age and Sayugyaku, looking at correct use of ashi sabaki, hyōshi, chōsui and cutting mechanics in each. This lead into practice of Jūji Ken, relating it to mutōdori sabaki and heihō.

After a quick break we moved onto Ittōsantō and Hassai, examining the movements of Tori and Aite , looking at the strategy of both and targeting/positioning of both to cover potential contingencies. After this we returned to Kyūhō from the Jōjutsu kata. First we examined the movements of Tori and Aite in a solo fashion, before examining the potential openings for Aite to exploit in paired practice, before performing the complete kata in a flow, with Tori keeping the pressure on Aite.

“Don’t be trapped by what you think you know about Budō” – Hatsumi Sensei

****Luke Molitor Seminar September 2014****

Kukishin Ryū Bikenjutsu, Bujinkan Battōjutsu & Swordwork Fundamentals

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September 5th – 7th, Dundrum, Dublin

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