Hanbō Shoden, Kasugai Dome, Happoyaku, Ichimonji & Tsuke Iri

Bujinkan Ninjutsu Dublin
初見先生 – 下段

Class began with a complete review of the Shoden Gata of Kukishin Ryū Happōbiken, looking at the importance of the underlying taijutsu kihon, ashi sabaki and kurai dori, before practising the final kata Saka Otoshi, focusing on the angle, foot and handwork integration, and manner of executing the final gyaku nage. After this we moved onto Kenpō, practising Kasugai Dome and Sayugyaku, looking at initial footwork and distancing, before the final evasion and counter strike.

After a quick break we examined Happoyaku, the final kata of the Kaisetsu Gata, looking at flowing from the unsuccessful maki age directly to a counterstrike under Aite’s defence. After this we moved into the next level, the Gokui Gata, starting with Ichimonji, examining manipulating the yari to change the distance, and using the body to drive the weapon. Finally we concluded with Jōjutsu, looking at Tsuke Iri, focusing on establishing the correct distance in a static setting, before moving onto trying to keep the distance dynamically in reaction to the swordsman.

“Your purpose is the important thing when training.” – Hatsumi Sensei

****Luke Molitor Seminar September 2014****

Kukishin Ryū Bikenjutsu, Bujinkan Battōjutsu & Swordwork Fundamentals

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September 5th – 7th, Dundrum, Dublin

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