Mata Gake, Kote Harai, Happō Giri, Tsuki No Wa, Kagechō, Mitsudama & Tachi Otoshi

Bujinkan Dublin
高松先生と初見先生 – 半棒術奥傅之型

Class began with a recap of Mata Gake, beginning with the alignment of the wrist and forearm in the first and second strikes, as well as using the body to generate force. Following on from this we reviewed the te-sabaki used in Kote Harai, evading Aite’s cut, counter attacking and then flowing to the next movement. After this we reviewed Happō Giri and Sayugyaku, working on directing Aite’s attack before evading, cutting mechanics and their effect on the distancing, as well as proper control in striking. From here we worked on the main form of Tsuki No Wa, looking at reactive and pre-preemptive timing.

After a quick break we moved onto Kage Chō and Mitsu Dama, looking at the structure of the the atypical tsuki used in Kage Chō and the power generation in the katate uchi in Mitsu Dama. Finally we looked at the main form Tachi Otoshi, looking at the timing and positioning used in the tsuki, and the tai sabaki in the follow up strikes.

“The martial way is about not giving up, and therein lies the secret.” – Takamatsu Sensei


****Luke Molitor Seminar September 2014****

Kukishin Ryū Bikenjutsu, Bujinkan Battōjutsu & Swordwork Fundamentals

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September 5th – 7th, Dundrum, Dublin

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