Ukemi Taihenjutsu, Tsuki Gata, Sabaki Gata, Hodoki Kihon & Battōjutsu

Ninja Dublin
高松先生 – 怒虎の構

Class began with a review of the basic use of the spine, breathing and body weight in forward and backward rolling, working from sitting, to seiza, to hanza and then to beginning from standing. After this we reviewed basic Tsuki, working on keeping strong kamae, and co-ordinating the whole body into the strike, before linking this taisabaki into omote and ura shutō. This lead into the footwork of evading in multiple directions as well as moving rearwards into kamae. Continuing with taijutsu kihon we reviewed some basic iterations of te hodoki, before working on tai hodoki from kannuki jime and hagai jime.

After a quick break we reviewed basic sword drawing, cutting vertically and horizontally, before developing these movements more broadly to include kamae, additional cuts and zanshin. We also reviewed some draws from Togakure Ryū, looking at the particulars of the form and potential applications.

“Being natural is the ultimate secret of our art.” – Takamatsu Sensei

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