Ukemi Taihenjutsu, Atemi Gata, Sabaki Kihon, Torite Kihon Dori No Kata & Battōjutsu

Samurai Martial Arts Dublin
初見先生 – 気迫

Class began with a look at kokyuhō, working that into a basic forward and backward movement, before starting kaiten from seiza and hanza, emphasizing the alignment throughout. This lead into Zenpō and Kohō Ukemi, looking at adapting natural habits into forming a strong structure with which to receive impact and deaden any momentum, while keeping a strong position.

Following on from this we moved onto atemi gata, focusing on the correct kotsu of the starting kame, before working on the fundamental forms of tsuki and shutō, focusing on the overall co-ordination used in the movement. The lead into basic  sabaki, working on moving in all directions in a single flow.

After a quick break we moved onto some ryūha battōjutsu, working initially on the kata as solo drills, getting each movement defined and crisp, and working in the correct mental outlook with each movement. After this we work on some Togakure Ryū kata, using the initial deployment and follow up cut in a number of different contexts and applications.

“It is very important you all have and protect the budō heart. You are not to be politicians. You are not to be salesman. You are to be, first and foremost, martial artists. Everything else is secondary to that. That is my wish.” – Hatsumi Sensei

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