Taihenjutsu, Tsuki, Uke, Kenjutsu & Battōjutsu

Bujinkan Dublin
初見先生 – 秘伝

Training began with Ukemi Taihenjutsu, working through integrating the upper and lower half of the body into the movement, working from seiza, hanza, seigan and finally rolling to take position relative to opponents. After this we moved onto a comprehensive review of the kihon of Tsuki and Uke, looking at co-ordinating the structures and muscle groups both for power generation, reach and alignment. From here we practiced both as paired drills, before looking at a number of ways of using uke in the kata Ichimonji No Kamae.

After a quick break we moved onto Kenjutsu, reviewing verticial, horizontal and diagonal cuts, as well as chaining cuts together in quick succession. This lead into a recap of some waza using kiri age, utilizing the distinct features of Kukishinden sword. From here we moved onto battōjutsu, recapping the start position, draw, withdrawal and re-sheathing, before trying the draw against the opponent cutting in from kamae, focusing on control and use of the body to quickly deploy the weapon.

“Having an exceptional teacher and training diligently allows you to become an exemplary warrior, but it is almost impossible for you to learn true budō if your teacher is only doing his teaching as an occupation” – Hatsumi Sensei