Ukemi, Tsuki, Uke, Atemi Kihon, Torite Kihon Dori, Kenjutsu & Battōjutsu

Bujinkan Ninpo Ninjutsu Hatsumi Dublin
初見先生 – 拳体一如

Class began with a review of zenpō ukemi, starting from the basic structure, working through seiza up to tachi versions, before adding in tsuki or keri. After this we practiced ukemi from Shinden Fudō Ryū, looking at the related use of structure.

After this we continued our review of kihon, looking at correct alignment in kamae before co-coordinating the various minute movements that contribute to the correct form. After this we moved onto jōdan uke,  looking at use of tanden, and ashi sabaki. From here we moved onto use of atemi concepts found in Gyokko Ryū, looking at correct use of tai sabaki to break Aite’s structure.

Continuing with torite kihon dori, starting with changing Aite from face up to face down and vice versa, before looking at various restraints from Ura Gyaku, and concluding with use of yubi dori.

Following a quick break we moved onto the te no uchi and te sabaki of Kukishinden Kenpō, looking at chaining cuts together before looking at applications in kata. Lastly we concluded with battōjutsu, looking at kata from Togakure Ryū, starting with solo practice,  before looking at applications in paired practice.

“There is an interplay between reality and illusion, strong and weak, victory and defeat. It is here, between these things, where you are really strong.” – Hatsumi Sensei