Kihon Taihenjutsu, Torite Kihon Gohō, Kukishin Kenpō & Ninja Iai

Hatsumi Omote Gyaku
初見先生 – 表逆拳捌

Training began with a review of zenpō kaiten from the ground up, before working on applying the principles for the taihenjutsu used in ura gyaku and ganseki nage. After this we moved onto a review of torite kihon gohō working on the key points of the basic kata before examining henka, applying changes in position, use of atemi and timing, but utilizing the same essence.

After a quick break we moved onto Kukishinden kenjutsu, working on tachi tsuki and shomen giri, before practicing uke nagashi and jodan uke nagashi against sword and bō. Finally we moved onto ninja iai, working on assorted draws from the Togakure Ryū, before working up to kage no ittō and katate nuki.

“This is why I do not like to write books any more. Having the technique done to you and experiencing it yourself is the only way to learn it. This stuff cannot be taught. It cannot be understood through mere words. It must be experienced personally. Books are for use *after* you  know the techniques. It is the same for the densho. If you know the technique, and then read the words, it makes sense.’ – Hatsumi Sensei