Classes return January 2015

Bujinkan Ninpo Ninjutsu Hatsumi Dublin
初見先生 – 拳体一如
A quick reminder that classes have concluded at the Shugyō Dōjō for 2014. After two years of Kotō Ryū, next year we will be moving on to Gyokko Ryū as well as spending time working through our Jūtaijutsu Ryūha, Kihon and Kisō.

We will also be continuing with the weapon systems of Kukishin Ryū, primarily Biken, but also Naginata, Jutte, Kodachi, Jōjutsu, Hanbō and others, as well as Togakure Ryū Biken and Shurikenjutsu.

Events wise, we have a few seminars in the works, along with some extra Saturday workshops, so be sure to watch this space!