Kihon, Kokū & Tsukekomi

Bujinkan Dublin Dojo
初見先生 – 十文字の構


Class began with conditioning practice for the upper and lower body, followed by ōten and drilling of the taihenjutsu of the torite kihon gohō. After looking at the kihon of sabaki and kamae we moved onto Kokū, working on the main kata and formal henka.

After a quick break we moved onto kenjutsu, working on the fundamentals of correct cutting before working on the next level of detail of Tsukekomi and Sayugyaku, emphasizing the concepts of metsuke and kasumi no hō.

“The most important thing is to get real ability. Once you do that, what will be will be. You must train more than you teach to become good. You must be more like me. That is why I don’t teach.” – Hatsumi Sensei