Kokū, Renyo & Kukishin Ryū Biken No Hō

Bujinkan Dundrum Dublin
初見先生 – 遠山の目付


Class began with kisō and tanren practice, followed by ukemi taihenjutsu renshu. After this we reviewed the particulars of the main kata and henka of Kokū, before going onto the first part of the next kata, Renyo, working on the uke, sabaki and keri kaeshi to correctly set up the technique.

After a quick break we moved onto the kata Tsukekomi, working on the various iterations of the kata, before moving onto the Sayugyaku, focusing on the approach, intent and use of distance in each.

“You have to be able to sense your opponent without looking at them… You have to be ready to move against them at any time, even if you are not looking at them… This is not one-on-one.” – Hatsumi Sensei