Kihon, Renyo, Tsukigake & Sayugyaku

Bujinkan Kenjutsu Dublin
高松先生 – 秘剣

Class began with a session detailing the correct kotsu of kohō kaiten, examining two basic ways of receiving the ground, correct breathing and nagare, as well as kohō ukemi. From here we looked at basic ashi sabaki, before working on the correct transitions in Renyo, emphasizing the parts of the kihon used in the main form and original henka.

In the kenjutsu section we looked at the fundamental kiri and tsuki form used in Kukishinden, before working on the hyōshi and heihō of Tsukigake and Sayugyaku.

“Budō is not a technique. It is heart. If you do not have the correct spiritual attitude., you have zero quality as a budō student.” – Takamatsu Sensei