Renyo & Tsukigake

Kenjutsu Dublin
初見先生 – 月の輪

Class started with tai no tanren and ukemi taihenjutsu, before moving onto the second kata of the Jō Ryaku No Maki, Renyo. First we examined the initial jōdan uke and sabaki to set up keri kaeshi, before the structure and timing of the shutō, and mechanics of the ura gyaku, kick, transition and final omote gyaku. Additionally we looked at how the principle of tenchi inyō is applied in the kata in several respects.

After this we moved onto the second named kata of the Kuki Biken, Tsukigake and Sayugyaku. After reviewing the initial approach and distancing, we explored the heihō and te no uchi of the kata, and examining how these initial iterations relate to the correct kihon of Kukishin sword.

“You must understand the good and the bad, that is the teaching of Ten Chi Inyō (天地陰陽)” – Hatsumi Sensei