Danshu & Tsukigake

初見先生 -  気迫
初見先生 – 気迫

Class began with tai no tanren, followed by ukemi taihenjutsu practice. After this we examined the use of kurai dori in torite to break Aite’s balance and position, both from grabs to the lapel and sleeve. From this base we looked at Danshu, examining the logic of the sequence of evasion, strikes and final drop, and the correct use of structure throughout.

After this we reviewed Tsukigake and Sayugyaku, looking at flowing from tsuki to kiri in the main kata, as well as the use of metsuke and positioning to decisively counterattack Aite in the Sayugyaku.

“Your job is to hide all your actions and intentions so your opponents cannot ‘read’ you… Make it your job to confuse them.” – Hatsumi Sensei