Torite Kihon Gohō, Danshu, Tsukigake & Sayugyaku

Ninjutsu Dublin Dojo
初見先生 – 一文字の構

Training started with tai no tanren, concentrating on the legs and knees, before practicing Torite Kihon Gohō repeatedly, focusing on the correct ukemi and nagare. After this we reviewed two lateral evasion from katamunedori and katasodedori, looking at correct positioning to halt Aite’s offensive for a moment. This lead into the kata Danshu, as well as its henka, working on plunging Aite and properly controlling the shoulder joint to control Aite’s structure.

For the kenjutsu section of the class we revisited tsukigake and sayugyaku, focusing on waiting for the correct timing for Aite’s attack and follow through, and moving through proper structure in a relaxed but speedy manner.

“According to my experience, the worst thing to be is too conscious of your rank. To show off your dan is just like a deranged person abusing a weapon. People who are not too conscious of their rank and train often are truly marvelous.” – Hatsumi Sensei